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Thursday, August 19th, 2010 I start classes at USC in Los Angeles. In a little over fours months I will matriculate as a Masters student in Screenwriting.

Jack Donaghy: We’re not the best people…

Liz Lemon: …but we’re not the worst.

Jack/Liz: Graduate students are the worst.

This means many things for me personally. In no particular order:

1. My three closest friends, with whom I can discuss anything from vaginas to taxes, will be in Chicago, and I will not.

2. I will give up an ambulatory and public transit dependent existence and dig out my driver’s license once more.

3. No more seasons. No more Germanfest. No more softball games.

4. No more winter! No more Taste! No more Cubs fans!


I’ve lived in Chicago for eight years. When it does pretty, it does it well. For instance, today is a breathtaking 77 degrees, sunny and breezy and easy as a Lincoln Park trixie. Spring is trying desperately to convince a passed-out winter that he needs to get up and go home. With any luck there won’t be more snow before June. Today I see friends. Tomorrow I see friends. The day after that I see friends. I need to see as many friends as possible, as often as possible, before I zip West to a consistent summer and bonafide ocean.

No offense, Lake Michigan. Well, I mean…look, I’ve always made it clear how I feel. You’re very nice. You’re so nice. But you are not an ocean. I grew up with an ocean. I’ve been physically threatened by an ocean. You have never been, and never shall be, an ocean. The Pacific may be a bitch, but it’s legit.

I need to compile a to-do list. Not just the bucket variety, but an actual, Oh My I Move Across the Country in Four Months List.

In the meantime, this will serve as a Dear John letter to Chicago, a record of some tentative dates with Los Angeles, source of information for family and friends, and general rant-nest.

Also, at the moment I’m revising one play, writing a brand new play, writing my first screenplay, editing my first novel, reviewing for Time Out Chicago’s theatre section, and other projects that I can’t remember at the moment. Those will be discussed as well, I’m sure.

Last thought for today. August 19th is National Aviation Month. This pleases me.

All right. Let’s see if this sucker lasts longer than a month.


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